Simone Biles Leaves Angry Statement for Her Fans After Impressive US Classic Win

After competing at the 2024 US Classics this weekend, Simone Biles has had enough.

Biles had an incredible weekend at the Classics as she gears up to hopefully lead the United States for a third Olympic Games. This time in Paris, France.

However, while she made her country proud taking home the all-around gold with her new routines, including a floor routine which features Taylor Swift’s …Ready For It? Biles has a message for her fans who have been less than supportive of her marriage.
While taking with the hosts Owens claimed he didn’t know who Biles was before they met online, claiming it was Biles who pursued him.

Biles, at the time they met, was already highly regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time and was the most decorated U.S. Olympic Gymnast of all time.
Owens argued that the reason he didn’t know who Simone Biles was, was because he was in college and didn’t have NBC or the Olympic Channel.

Even the hosts of The Pivot podcast were skeptical of what Owens was telling them. He was also asked how he was able to “pull Simone Biles” but Owens was quick to flip the question, saying, the real question is how she pulled him, which also made the hosts roll their eyes.
Fans were unhappy with Owens’ interview, calling him out on social media for being disrespectful.

The couple, who got married in April 2023, took the backlash in stride, with Biles defending Owens every step of the way.

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Simone Biles Leaves Angry Statement for Her Fans After Impressive US Classic Win
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