Beloved reporter’s son takes his anchor seat days after his unexpected passing

On May 10, beloved entertainment journalist Sam Rubin passed away unexpectedly. Rubin had become a KTLA staple, as well as a beloved figure in Hollywood.

Now, after many of the biggest names in entertainment shared their condolences, Sam Rubin’s son is taking his seat.

On May 13, Rubin’s 16-year-old son, Colby, sat in the same chair his father once did and shared a few words with the live audience who grew accustomed to seeing Rubin’s face on their television screens most days.

“The outpour [of support] has been tremendous,” the teenager said while talking to Rubin’s colleagues and viewers. “And people I didn’t even know are reaching out…I went on a trip with my dad and people from a different country were like ‘We’re so sorry,’ so it’s like a reunion.”

Colby admitted he would often tease his dad that “no one knows who you are,” adding that it’s “surreal.” “You know, he’s never gone. He has this online footprint of 30, plus years, so I always have somewhere to turn to.”

Colby then began reading the letter he wrote for his father after his passing.

“Hi Dad, I wrote this under the desk in your cubicle where you used to catch me sleeping, only you weren’t there to wake me up this time,” he shared.

“Dad, I can’t believe you’re gone. You’ll never pick me up from school again, we’ll never get to go biking, we’ll never argue about food, you won’t be at my wedding. I can’t believe you are gone.”

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Beloved reporter’s son takes his anchor seat days after his unexpected passing
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