This GIrl Left Her Family at 14 to Pursue Music in Another Country — Now She’s World-Famous with Guinness Records

This little girl was born into a big family of Albanian descent. Three years prior to her birth, her parents left Albania to relocate to London. She spent a large portion of her early years growing up in London.

Her parents, however, informed her that they would be leaving London when she reached eleven. Rather, they were returning to their country of origin. The girl’s primary school was coming to an end, and while all of her friends were heading to other schools, none of them were abroad.

The girl was eager to travel to Kosovo and visit her relatives there despite the big upheaval. She did, however, inform her parents that she no longer wanted to live there three years later, at the age of 14. After relocating, she broke several Guinness World Records.

The Girl’s Early Years

The girl’s father was Kosovan, while her mother was Bosnian. Her parents went through a war in their native nation in the 1990s. Her paternal grandpa, the director of the Kosovo Institute of History, shared a home with her mother and father.

The grandfather of the daughter was proud of his career, but it came to an end when the war started. She revealed:

Many historians were urged to alter Kosovo’s history when the Serbians took control of the region. To correct it: Kosovo was never a part of Yugoslavia; it was always a part of Serbia. And because he refused to write a history that he didn’t think to be accurate, my grandfather lost his job. He was one of those guys who wouldn’t.

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The girl’s parents fled the war in Albania and relocated to London in 1992. But their parents remained in Kosovo and Bosnia. The year the war ended, the borders remained closed, and the girl’s father died of a heart attack, so he never got to say goodbye to his father. In 1995, in the midst of all the heartbreak they had endured, the couple brought their daughter into northwest London.

The girl claimed that she had grown up seeing her parents at work every single day. When they were forced to leave their native country, her mother was pursuing a career in law and her father was pursuing a career in dentistry. They were forced to work at bars and cafés because they were in London. They returned to school as well.

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The girl was not always proud of her name, which means “love” in Albanian, even if she was proud of her parents when she was younger. Growing up, she wanted a more common name, even if she is proud of it now. She felt different from everyone else because of her name.
Her parents’ unique appearance was another factor that made her feel ashamed as a child. She didn’t appreciate it when the girls and boys at school complimented her father’s looks and her mother’s beauty.

She had a strong will and aspirations even as a little child. She was aware of her desire to become famous and believed that residing in Kosovo would prevent her from achieving her goal.

She told her parents she wanted to go back to London one day when she sat them down. She clarified that she aspired to be a superstar but realized she could never achieve her goals outside of a place like London. She wanted to be where all the action was, so on Saturdays she decided to attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School. She acknowledged:

“As a Kosovo resident, I didn’t think I could accomplish this on a global scale.”

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This GIrl Left Her Family at 14 to Pursue Music in Another Country — Now She’s World-Famous with Guinness Records
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