O.J. Simpson Cause of Death Revealed Two Weeks After His Passing

In a statement shared by the Simpson family, O.J. Simpson has passed away at 76.

Now, his lawyer Malcolm LaVergn has confirmed to People that the former athlete’s cause of death is metastatic prostate cancer.

Sources with direct knowledge of Simpson’s final days told TMZ that he was surrounded by all his living children. However, anyone who visited O.J. at his home during those days were required “to sign NDAs for his privacy.”

However, despite the NDAs, an anonymous source is opening up to TMZ. Following O.J.’s passing many people wondered if the former football star made a death bed confession.

According to the unnamed source with direct knowledge of the situation, any rumors that O.J. did make a death bed confession are “totally false.”
“Unless being thirsty and asking for water is a confession … or wanting to watch the golf tournament. Nothing about the LA thing came up or was even thought about,” the source said.

This comes after reports began to swirl in February 2024 alleging O.J. Simpson has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is hospice.
According to initial reports by Local 10 News, their sources claimed that O.J. who was last seen walking with the assistance of a cane had been receiving chemotherapy treatments.

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O.J. Simpson Cause of Death Revealed Two Weeks After His Passing
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