The woman gave birth to 7 offspring. Here is how they look after 24 years

Bobby and Kenny McCaughey already had one offspring in the family, but they lacked another one for complete happiness. For health reasons, Kenny could not get pregnant for a long time, and the couple decided to have IVF. 7 embryos were used, as the practice showed that only one takes root. But the unexpected happened, all the embryos survived. In 1997, all seven offspring were born. It was a real miracle. All the offspring weighed about one and a half kilograms at birth, unfortunately two were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but soon after several operations they were able to get on their feet and walk.

This case stirred up all the media, newspapers began to write about this family and make broadcasts. But difficulties began in the family. Money was sorely lacking… Fortunately, thanks to the publicity of this whole story, the surrounding people reacted to this with understanding.

Soon this large family was presented with a large house, and they were also provided with free meals. Many universities were already waiting for them to study after they graduated from school. It’s been almost 24 years. You can see what the sevens look like at the moment. This is Natalie, a girl who wants to study to be a primary school teacher. She graduated from school the best of all.

Brandon, the guy wants to serve in the army.

Kelsey, she was born weighing only 907 grams. The girl sings very beautifully and dreams of becoming a singer. Kelsey happily sings in the school choir.

And this is Kenny, he’s a construction student at Des Moines Community College. Since childhood, he wanted to become a builder.

Alexis was born with cerebral palsy, she wants to become a teacher.

Nathan was also born with cerebral palsy, he dreams of becoming a scientist.

And this is Joel, he was born last, and he wants to study computer science in college and he has already enrolled at Hannibal-Lagrange University.

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The woman gave birth to 7 offspring. Here is how they look after 24 years
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